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Soundproofing Solutions to Meet New Part E Building Regulations

Separating Wall / 70mm Acoustic Stud / 49 RwdB +CtrApplication

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Sound Reduction Performance
61 RwdB49 RwdB+Ctr
Part E Acoustic Requirement
New Build
45 DnTw+CtrdB
43 DnTw+CtrdB

Components and Fixing Data:

  • 1.2mm Acoustic Membrane between 2 x 12.5mm Plasterboards (screwed to)
  • Resilient Bars (at 600mm centres)
  • 70mm Acoustic Studs (at 600mm centres)
  • 50mm Mineral Wool Insulation (between studs)
  • Resilient Bars (at 600mm centres)
  • 12.5mm Plasterboard (screwed to)
  • 15mm Plasterboard (screwed through to resilient bars)
49dB acoustic wall

Technical Data:

Mass per Unit Area:
Footprint Width:
Fire Protection:

60 Minutes

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