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rpg variscreen acoustic screenrpg variscreen acoustic screenrpg variscreen acoustic screenrpg variscreen acoustic screenrpg variscreen acoustic screen

variscreen acoustic screen

RPG variable acoustic VariScreen 

RPG Variscreen Acoustic Variable sided Screen

  • The VariScreen is a superb free standing variable acoustics screen with a broad bandwidth absorbor on one side and a flat binary amplitude RPG BAD panel diffuser mask on the other.
  • This hinged upholstered panel can be positioned and adjusted with a Variable Depth Air Cavity to control low frequency modal problems.
  • The VariScreen is designed for difficult to treat rooms in which surface application is not possible and flexibility is paramount. Acoustically problematic trade show demo rooms are easily tamed with the VariScreen as well as almost any critical, as well as domestic, listening or performance space.
variable acoustic screen

Problem and Solution


There is a need for a free standing variable acoustics screen that can provide broad bandwidth absorption, diffusion with absorption, and bass control.


The VariScreen offers absorption on one side, diffusion and absorption on the other, and a Variable Depth Air Cavity formed by its two hinged upholstered panels for variable frequency bass control.


VariScreen Total Absorption (Sabines) Graph
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The graph illustrates the total absorption, in Sabines, for each VariScreen mounted along a wall with the height of the triangle being 16''. Three panels covering 74ft² with the absorption side facing the room were used for the test. The absorption coefficient, which is equal to three times the number of Sabines divided by 74ft², is also shown. The VariScreen’s NRC is 1.2.

variable acoustic screen
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Note the uniform mid and high frequency absorption with a “tunable” low frequency peak to help control bass buildup. By adjusting the position, distance from the wall, and the Variable Depth Air Cavity, the VariScreen can be used to control even the most problematic rooms.


The VariScreen is a hinged, free standing panel which supports itself by adjusting the panel opening angle. By making the angle smaller and increasing the depth of the air cavity, more low frequency absorption can be obtained. Corner mounting is also very effective for low frequency control. When not in use, the VariScreen stores flat.

The VariScreen has proved to be an invaluable tool in home theaters. The rear air cavity is very powerful in tailoring the room's bass response. The VariScreens can be used as free-standing screens in front of windows, in corners, or as room dividers.

The Variscreen can also be supplied with flat stainless steel feet if required.



  • Two sided absorptive or diffsorptive performance
  • Variable Depth Low Frequency Control
  • Free standing screen
  • Stores flat
  • Modular and versatile
  • Design element


  • The VariScreen is a two sided, hinged acoustical treatment offering pure absorption or a combination of high frequency diffusion and mid frequency absorption (diffsorption) for reflection control with ambiance
  • The hinged free standing screen allows adjustment of the opening angle to tune the room’s low frequency response
  • Since the VariScreen is free standing, it can be used in applications that require temporary treatment like trade show exhibit rooms or where wall mounting is not possible
  • The VariScreen covers up to 32ft² when in use, but stores flat in a minimum of space for economical shipping and storage
  • The VariScreen is modular, which allows almost any type of space to be treated by simply placing units next to one another for unlimited versatility and flexibility
  • By utilizing a wide range of designer fabrics, the VariScreen offers an aesthetic design element as well as a flexible acoustical element


  • All critical listening rooms, including recording studios, vocal booths, home theaters, quality control rooms, CD mastering, film mix and dubbing stages and music practice rooms


  • Standard size: 2000mm (H) x 1200mm (W) x 78mm (D) fully open

(Please note: castors add another 60mm to the height)
Weight: 65lb

acoustic office screens office 

As an alternative option we can also manufacture these units with a metal surround for more arduous / industrial applications. The framework protects the edges of the unit from knocks and bashes (see picture on the left).

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