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RPG corner mounting acoustic bass trapRPG corner mounting acoustic bass trapRPG corner mounting acoustic bass trapRPG corner mounting acoustic bass trapRPG corner mounting acoustic bass trap

RPG Modex corner mounting low frequency bass trap

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  • Small rooms often exhibit poor low frequency response with significant emphasis at modal resonances. They also have limited space to make acoustical improvements.
  • Porous surface absorption is ineffective at these modal frequencies, because the air motion near walls and in corners is essentially zero for these long wavelengths.
  • The problem is solved by this unique membrane system that converts the high sound pressure fluctuations typically found in corners into selective absorption in the modal frequency range.
  • These Bass Traps are standard tuned to 80Hz but are also available tuned to 40Hz or 63Hz.

Problem and Solution


Small rooms like Project Studios often suffer from low frequency modal problems. Absorption at these frequencies requires a high absorption efficiency and significant surface area. Since small rooms do not offer the needed space, the absorption efficiency must be optimized.


This product solves the problem by optimizing the absorption efficiency using a unique internally damped membrane absorber that provides ideal absorption in the modal frequency range.

Bass Trap Diagram
Sound (1) strikes the membrane (2) which sympathetically vibrates, converting the sound pressure to air (3) motion. The air loses velocity (4) as it moves through the internal absorber and air cavity. Now you absorb more bass in less space!



Bass Trap Absorption Graph
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Surface or corner applied porous materials lose efficiency at low frequencies, because the particle velocity or air movement associated with long wavelengths is low. The sound pressure, conversely, is at its maximum. The internally damped membrane in the Corner Bass Trap exploits this high pressure by converting the pressure fluctuations into air motion. As the membrane sympathetically vibrates over a selective low frequency range, determined by its mass and stiffness, it pushes air through an internal porous layer producing low frequency absorption. This innovative approach makes it possible for the Corner Bass Trap to absorb the fundamental and higher harmonic modes that are often problematic in small rooms.



The Corner Bass Trap can be mounted in any 90° corner between two walls or a wall and a ceiling. It can be attached directly to the surfaces using hook and loop or metal screw fasteners. If there is no 90° corner available, or if the corner is not suitable, the Corner Bass Trap can be stacked in a free standing configuration.

Please Note: These units only have a 0.36m² surface area per unit. Generally this is very small in relation to the overall surface area within a small room. We have found that a pair of traps in the optimum placement will give a 1-2dB dip so generally at least 6 units are needed.


Features and benefits

  • The proprietary internally damped membrane converts any available corner into a highly absorptive low frequency absorber
  • The Corner Bass Trap provides useful low frequency absorption in wall-wall and wall-ceiling corners that are often unused and available for acoustical treatment
  • Corner mounting means you will not have to sacrifice space for equipment
  • The Corner Bass Trap is modular and more can be added as needed. The modules simply stack on top of one another and offer unlimited opportunity for experimentation and modification
  • If a 90° corner is not available or if the existing corners in the room are not right angles, the Corner Bass Trap can be mounted as a stackable free standing column
  • The lightweight and portable Corner Bass Trap can be shuttled between rooms and venues as needed


  • Recording studios
  • Post production studios
  • Listening rooms
  • Home theaters
  • Quality control rooms
  • CD mastering
  • Film mix and dubbing stages
  • Music practice rooms


  • Dimensions:
    600mm (W) x 600mm (H) x 300mm (D)
  • Extends 430mm from the corner along the mounting wall
  • Depth 300mm from the wall corner to the front panel
  • Weight is 7Kg.
  • Standard fabric finish is Cara/Premier. Custom colors are also available
  • Shipping weight:
    18Kg. (2 per box)
  • Free standing spacers included

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