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jocavi Woodfoil-AB panelsjocavi Woodfoil-AB panelsjocavi Woodfoil-AB panelsjocavi Woodfoil-AB panelsjocavi Woodfoil-AB panels

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The Woodfoil is a slightly concave diffusion panel, made of varnished birch plywood on a soft wood structure. This diffuser is great to be used in concert halls, such as theatres and auditoriums, and is ideal for building acoustic diffusion shells. This model has two options: the Woodfoil diffusion panel, which is made of plain birch plywood, and the Woodfoil Ab, which has different holes that provide it with a higher absorption coefficient. Its format allows us to make the appropriate adjustment, by using several panels and positions through 90° rotations, in order to obtain the goals required for each room.

Both the angle and the gyrate of this piece were calculated to provide a more versatile use. When using multiple pieces jointly, the angle of incidence never is too convergent, thus providing a homogeneous scattering diffusion of sound energy, which contrasts with other models from our brand that have a different development conception. The Woodfoil is available in various wood finishings or regular colours, as an option, thus allowing an appropriate background for each space. The mounting process is rather easy by simply using the docking accessories that are supplied.


  • 600 x 600 x 170mm (2.9kg)
  • NRC 0.62
  • Average Diffusion 0.51
  • Units per box: 2 or 4
  • Installation kit included
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