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Jocavi WallBlindJocavi WallBlindJocavi WallBlindJocavi WallBlindJocavi WallBlind

Jocavi LF Camou Low Frequency Corner Absorber

Jocavi WallBlind

Studios' large rooms are adequate to record joint takes, with all the band's elements playing at the same time. The WALLBLIND is recommended to physically divide the musicians or the several sound sources between each instrument or amplifier, thus minimizing both the complicity and sound contamination from the several instruments in relation to the microphones.

The WALLBLIND is a portable acoustic blind system which is ideal for your recording room. It provides a remarkable acoustic division while permitting to choose the most pleasant face for the instrument that it surrounds. You can choose from two faces with different acoustic and aesthetic features: one side has a high-density EPS profile, which is hardened with a ceramic painting film, with good diffusing features, while the other side has an optimised profile cut for open-cell acoustic foam, thus being quite more absorbent. This product has a resistant rigid structure with big wheels and allows several modules to be coupled with quite tight union angles .


  • 2000 x 1200 x 140mm (62kg)
  • Solid structure, excellent insulation
  • Two acoustically different faces
  • For recording and rehearsal studios
  • Packed 2 per box
  • Ideal to separate and surround instruments
  • Foam colour: Grey

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