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Jocavi Swell Acoustic Foam PanelJocavi Swell Acoustic Foam PanelJocavi Swell Acoustic Foam PanelJocavi Swell Acoustic Foam PanelJocavi Swell Acoustic Foam Panel


Jocavi Swell Acoustic Foam Panel

The SWELL model is an absorbent panel made of self-extinguishing acoustic foam or melamine foam as an option, for the highest fireproofing protection requirements standards. We recommend this model for lining continuous surfaces of walls and ceilings, allowing a high absorption coefficient and an important sound insulation as well. The SWELL can be used as a sound barrier and airborne noise reduction for various types of rooms: Commercial areas, Television studios, Pavilions, Auditoriums, Meeting rooms, Public spaces, etc. It is a very functional and decorative finishing, that meets the performance and aesthetic attributes. Several aesthetic combinations are possible by turning the panel 90 degrees. It can be easily cut with a knife to be adjusted to walls and ceilings dimensions.


  • Size: 1200 x 600 x 80mm (1.6kg)
  • Size: 600 x 600 x 80mm (0.8kg)
  • Average NRC: 0.89
  • M1 self-extinguishing fire retardant foam
  • Installation: Optional adhesive can be supplied
  • Packaging: 4 units per box
  • αW=0.90
  • Absorption Class: A

Please note this acoustic data only refers to the model SW0460

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