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Jocavi Cubefuser Acoustic Diffuser Panel

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jocavi cubefuser
jocavi cubefuser acoustic panel

Jocavi Cubefuser
Diffusion Panel

This acoustic diffuser is highly versatile and, as the data shows, provides almost uniform absorption versus diffusion which makes it rather unique for an acoustic product.

Acoustically this translates into a better control of sound bandwidth diffusion and absorption all at the same time without any other unwanted acoustical effect in the room. Can also be combined with the Cubesorb Absorber panel to maintain an aesthetic similarity of surface profiles whilst providing varying degrees of absorption and diffusion within the required area.

The unit is able to provide high degrees of absorption because the protruding cubes make the sound enter directly into the recessed cavities. It provides a highly attractive design to walls and ceilings.

Made of high density EPS which, unlike most other products on the market, is 80kg/m³ rather than the inferior, less effective, 30kg/m³. This product can be mounted on walls and ceilings due to its low weight.

Made from 100% recyclable EPS.


  • 600 x 600 x 80mm (0.5kg)
  • Average diffusion coefficient 0.50
  • Average NRC=0.47 [>100Hz; <5kHz]
  • EPS Euroclass fire-retardent (NP EN 13501-1)
  • Recyclable EPS
  • Packaging: 4 or 12 units per box
  • Installation: Optional adhesive can be supplied
  • Tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 354:2003 and Rated in accordance with BS EN ISO 11654:1997.
  • αW=0.55
  • Absorption Class D

Test Certificate available on request.

Download Cubefuser PDF (180kb)

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