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Jocavi Convexabsorber

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The CONVEXABSORBER is an absorbent panel which is efficient at absorbing low and medium frequencies. It was designed to be installed on ceilings and walls. It is manufactured by combining two techniques: a box tuned to 200 Hz, which is efficient at low frequencies, and a mathematically studied absorbent labyrinth, which provides this product with an excellent performance in absorbing sound. Given its characteristics, this panel balances reverberation times and echoes in large-sized rooms, auditoriums, etc..

Because of its large and convex shape, it also is a diffuser with a large dispersion surface. When the areas so require, these panels can be installed alternately at 90° angles, the dispersion thus being on two plans. The CONVEXABSORBER panel was designed and tested in order to guarantee its high performance in controlling sound energy, by reducing resonances and reflections. It has a wide range of applications.


  • 1800 x 1140 x 260mm (36kg)
  • NRC=0.81/m²
  • Uses 65% recycled materials
  • Ideal for large rooms
  • M2 Fire resistant
  • One unit per box
  • Installation kit included

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