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Jocavi Basskeeper Angle Studio Acoustic Panel

Jocavi Basskeeper Angle AbsorberJocavi Basskeeper Angle AbsorberJocavi Basskeeper Angle AbsorberJocavi Basskeeper Angle AbsorberJocavi Basskeeper Angle Absorber

joacvi basskeeper angle image

Jocavi Basskeeper Angle Absorber

Jocavi Basskeeper Angle

Low Frequency Absorption Panel

The BASSKEEPER ANGLE is the best proposal from the ATP low-frequency absorption panels. It produces an overpowering effect in the corners of the room where the bass build-up is most often present. The BASSKEEPER ANGLE is an open resonance box model, tuned to 160 Hz, thus being very effective.

The BASSKEEPER ANGLE and the BASSKEEPER WALL have the same shape and are bass traps. The BASSKEEPER ANGLE is applied in corners while the BASSKEEPER WALL is applied on walls.

It is a first-rate approach to tame low-frequency anomalies in your room. In most cases, the combination of these two models solves all problems caused by the accumulation of low frequencies in the room, by allowing you to create your own design while providing acoustic control of low frequencies.

Technical Data:

  • Size: 1200 x 400 x 400mm (3.6kg)
  • NRC average: 0.78/m² [>100Hz; <250Hz]
  • Installation: Optional adhesive can be supplied
  • Packaging: 2 units per box
  • Tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 354:2003 and Rated in accordance with BS EN ISO 11654:1997.
  • αw=0.55 (L)
  • Absorption Class D

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