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Jocavi BABS free-standing Gobos

Jocavi BabsJocavi BabsJocavi BabsJocavi BabsJocavi Babs

Jocavi babs

Jocavi Babs
The BABS is an acoustic blind system which is ideal to have in your tracking room. It provides an outstanding acoustic division between each instrument or amplifier, thus optimising the separation between microphones during sound capturing.

It is also the ideal solution for portable acoustic treatment. It can be used to improvise a rehearsal room, tracking room or control room that surrounds a monitoring system, etc..

It is provided with a foot for each module. It is easily mounted by placing it on your room’s floor and adjusts to the intended situations.

BLIND ABS’s two faces are acoustically and aesthetically different. One of them absorbs more than the other one, also within different ranges of the sound spectrum, thus providing various options of loudness and modulation to your room.

For different audition or sound capturing purposes, this versatile system allows to adapt the rooms’ acoustic disturbances, thus becoming a very useful tool for your projects.

It can be provided (optional) with a carrying bag for each two pieces, thus being very light and easy to carry.


  • 1210 x 550 x 90mm (3kg)
  • Portable acoustic blind
  • Two acoustically different faces
  • For recording and rehearsal studios
  • Packed 2 per box
  • Ideal to separate and surround instruments
  • Foam colour: Grey

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