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Jocavi Addsorb-Rev Studio Sound Absorber

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The ADDSORB REV revetment is a composite wood veneer finish consisting of a medium/high density coloured fibreboard (VALCROMAT) which is grooved on the face and perforated on the back, its box interior is filed with a polystyrene absorbent layer. This is a CLASS A fire retardant product. The ADDSORB REV revetment is also available, as an option, in natural wood veneer finish consisting of medium density fibreboard (MDF). This is a CLASS C fire retardant product. This type of acoustic covering is mainly used for large-scale areas of application: auditoriums, conference rooms, multipurpose rooms, airports, places where acoustic treatment with a continuous coating surface is required. It is an absorbent panel that relevantly improves absorption in the mid-range of the sound spectrum.

The ADDSORB REV is presented in both standard and customised sizes providing different aesthetic and acoustic variants. These two finish options give this product a variety of natural wood finishes and colours. Due to their slots, the panel joints are invisible because of the change in geometry of the panel edges, and when carefully installed the surfaces can appear uniform. The acoustic absorption coefficients are achieved by combining the percentage of the plate's grooves and perforation with the polystyrene absorbent layer. The acoustic performance may be increased if the product is applied with an air space between the product and the main wall or ceiling.

The ADDSORB REV is available for both ceiling and wall applications. It can be installed using the standard metal ceiling suspension system or direct fixing to the concrete surface using our accessories (JOCAVI wood bars, glues and screws). These are the standard perforations, colours and wood finishing. However, this product can be manufactured in different specifications. JOCAVI can customize the sizes, perforations, colours and finishes, according to each specific project, but a minimum amount is required. It is possible to apply specific lighting or other embedded accessories in the panels.


  • 600 x 600 x 46mm (4.3kg)
  • 1200 x 600 x 46mm (8.7kg)
  • 1200 x 900 x 46mm (13kg)
  • Uses 80% recycled materials
  • 100% recyclable
  • NRC 0.74
  • Units per box: 6 or 12

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