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Acoustic Mineral Wool

Acoustic Mineral Wool:

For installation between floor joists to increase soundproofing performance.

acoustic quilt

2kg Light Acoustic Quilt:

For installation between floor joists to increase soundproofing performance.

acoustic wool technical detailsacoustic quilt technical details

resilient bars

Resilient Bars:

Robust Detail Compliant -
For Ceilings/ Walls.
Resilient Isolating Bars for uprating separating floors/ceilings.

Acoustic Membrane Curtain

Tecsound T35 High Performance Acoustic Membrane:

For fixing over battens or between plasterboard sheets to greatly increase soundproofing performance.

soundproofing acoustic resilient barstecsound acoustic membrane

acoustic plasterboard

Acoustic Plasterboard:

A high density, high mass acoustic plasterboard which gives enhanced acoustic performance to wall and ceiling builds. Far superior to standard boards.

plasterboard drywall screws

Plasterboard Drywall Screws

Self tapping for fixing resilient bars to frames/joists and for fixing plasterboard into resilient bars etc.
Standard lengths available:
25, 38, 42, 50 and 75mm

acoustic plasterboard

acoustic suspended ceiling tiles

Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Tiles:

A high density ceiling tile designed to reduce noise transfer between rooms with metal grid drop ceilings.

acoustic suspended ceiling tiles

Anti Vibration Damping Mounts:

For isolating suspended ceilings as well as machinery operating at more than 1000rpm.

suspended acoustic ceiling tilesvibration isolation mounts

sound proofing

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