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ft55al pipewrap

FT 55 AL

Consists of a 10mm layer of acoustic absorbent felt bonded to our 5kg/m² T50 high performance acoustic membrane. Ideal for lining the inside of vehicles and bulkheads etc, can be used under carpets with the felt side downwards. Aluminium foil faced for extra performance and protection. Very pliable, high performance RW25dB. Easy to cut and shape.

punf duct foam

Fire Retardent Acoustic Foam

This foam is totally non-flammable and is ideal for lining the bonnets of all vehicles. It is an excellent sound absorber and will protect other materials from a wide range of dangerous ignition sources. The material is black, soft, pliant, resilient and easy to fit.

tecsound foil faced acoustic membrane

TS50-ALU visco-elastic membrane.

Heavy weight (5kg/m²) adhesive backed damping membrane with a reinforced, oil resistant, aluminium foil face. Will easily form around awkward shapes. Very pliable and resistant to sub zero temperatures. This material will work on metal even up 5mm thick. A much more economical material than items like Dynamat !! This material can be used inside doors to reduce rattles and road noise, boots to increase bass response and reduce road noise.

Tecsound S50 applied to a metal car door panel

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