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The fabric wrapped absorptive panel has achieved the status of the most commonly specified acoustical product. In fact, many people associate the word acoustical with absorption. For the past fifteen years, RPG has published widely on the importance of having a balanced design utilizing the three tools in the acoustical palette: absorption, reflection, and diffusion. The traditional fabric wrapped panel simply cannot offer the degree of diffusion required for today's 5.1 surround sound formats.

However, many rooms simply do not allow surface treatment deeper than 1 or 2 inches and the aesthetic requirements dictate a flat upholstered panel. To address this problem, RPG developed the BAD Panel. The BAD Panel provides absorption below about 1kHz, and diffusion above. This allows reflection control to control specular reflections, without excessively "deadening" the space. When you consider that the desired goal in home theater is immersion or envelopment, it is not surprising that a diffsorptive surface is more appropriate than a purely absorptive one.

CineMusic 4 is an example of a panelized room design. The panels can be reflective, absorptive or diffsorptive to fine tune the acoustics of the space to suit the 5.1 dipole surround or the matching ITU surround sound format.

CineMusic 4

CineMusic 4
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CineMusic 4

CineMusic 4 Products Used
1:Absorber Panels

2:B.A.D. Panels

3:Crown Moulding

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