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Fabric wrapped panels are probably the most widely used acoustical treatment in home theaters. While they offer reflection control and an aesthetic benefit, they cannot provide the envelopment necessary in today's 5.1 surround sound home theaters, because they lead to an acoustically "dead" space.

To extend the performance of a flat fabric wrapped panel, RPG developed the binary amplitude diffsorber (BAD): the first digital flat variable impedance diffusor. The BAD Panel diffuses sound above 1 kHz and absorbs below that frequency. As the panel size is made thicker or spaced from a boundary surface, the absorption extends to lower frequencies, without affecting diffusion.

By combining traditional fabric wrapped panels, BAD Panels, and bass absorbers in the soffit, side walls, and corners, RPG offers the first panelized home theater system that can provide a suitable acoustical environment for surround sound formats. Vertical field cut edges are concealed by the upholstered square, rounded, or flat joint covers. The rounded and square joint covers can also provide some low frequency absorption. Horizontal field cut edges are concealed by crown and base molding. The Bass Absorbing Soffit System installs onto ceiling and wall cleats.

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CineMusic 3 Products Used
1:B.A.D. Panels

2:Fabric Wrapped Joint Covers

3:Crown Moulding

4:B.A.S.S. System

5:Skyline Diffuser Array

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