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DETAILED Home Cinema Acoustic Treatment 2

CineMusic 1

CineMusic 2

While some enthusiasts prefer the high-tech appearance of CineMusic 1, others choose to conceal all or part of the acoustic treatment. One popular approach is our CineMusic 2, which uses our acoustic fabric stretched over wooden framework. The Skyline ceiling is exposed and all side and front wall acoustic products are concealed. Because of the elegant appearance of the furniture-grade Diffractal, many clients prefer to leave this exposed as an acoustical sculpture.

The above layout illustrates the placement of the Abffusors, Modex Corner Bass Traps, Skyline Difusers, FlutterFree Strips, Diffractal Diffusers and Bass Absorbing Soffit System (B.A.S.S.). The soffit is a very important ingredient in Home Theater design, because this location in the room is seldom used for any other purpose, except HVAC and down-lighting. RPG offers an upholstered B.A.S.S or a new fiber-reinforced gypsum B.A.S.S, which can be taped and painted like drywall. The B.A.S.S. contains linear L-shaped soffit sections, inside and outside corners, for a very effective and easy to install system.

CineMusic 2

CineMusic 1
CineMusic Systems
CineMusic 1

CineMusic 2

CineMusic 3

CineMusic 4

CineMusic 2 Products Used

2:Corner Bass Traps

3:Modex Flat Bass Traps

4:FlutterFree Strips

5:Diffractal Diffusers

6:Skyline Diffuser Array

7: Bass Absorbing Soffit System

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