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DETAILED Home Cinema Acoustic Treatment 1

CineMusic 1

CineMusic 1

This room acoustic solution is our top of the range system and is intended for those clients interested in a "high tech" appearance in which all the acoustic products are exposed. This system should be modified, mainly on the sidewalls, depending on where the seating is arranged. The main difference being how far back from the rear wall the Flutterfree strips come forward or how far from the front wall the Abffusers come back. If you are worried about the basstraps being 'knocked' because they are down low on the floor then they can easily be mounted on the sidewalls above the Abffusers

Products used in this specification are as below and page links are on the right:-

CineMusic 1

CineMusic 1
CineMusic Systems
CineMusic 1

CineMusic 2

CineMusic 3

CineMusic 4

CineMusic 1 Products Used

2:Corner Bass Traps

3:Modex Flat Bass Traps

4:FlutterFree Strips

5:Diffractal Diffusers

6:Skyline Diffuser Array

7: Bass Absorbing Soffit System

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