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PEF acoustic seal installationPEF acoustic seal installationPEF acoustic seal installationPEF acoustic seal installationPEF acoustic seal installation

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Acoustic Seals for Double-Acting Double Leaf Pivoted Doors

These seals are primarily intended for double acting double leaf doors opening through 180°. There are many other situations, however, where wiping seals are required and the PEF range can be used effectively. Before starting to fit the seal refer to the drawings in Fig.1 to identify the sealing insert which has been supplied.


The aluminium holders are supplied with a milled slot, 100mm from one end, to facilitate inserting the elastomeric seal as the seals are housed in a groove and both ends are concealed. The slot does not affect the proper working of the seal.

The blade section is fitted by inserting the end into the slot and pulling it along the holder, or into the holder if there is no slot. The PEFS pvc is sprung into the holder from the front.

Unwanted movement of the insert is avoided by crimping the ends of the holder.

The seals can be surface mounted, but, in most cases, as in meeting and pivot stiles, the holder is rebated into a groove 17mm wide x 5mm deep.

The gaps between the surfaces to be sealed must be large enough to allow the sealing blades to function correctly. When used in conjunction with PEFS pvc insert the recommended gap sizes are:


If PEFS is not being used deduct 2mm from these sizes (see Fig.2).

When two blades are used opposite each other they should overlap by 2-3mm according to the size of the blade Fig.3.


If doors are mounted between curved timber jambs PEFA/C/D or E, as appropriate, is recessed in the door edge and the blade wipes on PEFS in the jamb face. Fig.4.

If the jamb is flat the blade seal in the door edge wipes on the jamb itself or onto an AS aluminium strip mounted on the jamb face Fig.5.

To prevent damaging the insert the edge of the meeting and pivot stiles should be well rounded as shown.

Solvent glues, paints etc. must not be allowed to come into contact with the sealing insert strip.

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