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6002 magnetic acoustic seal install6002 magnetic acoustic seal install6002 magnetic acoustic seal install6002 magnetic acoustic seal install6002 magnetic acoustic seal install

FITTING INSTRUCTIONS for 6002 Magnetic Seals.

Important: Check the magnetic attraction of the 6002 before cutting the seal to lengths required to ensure they attract and not repel. For efficient operation a uniform gap of 5-7mm is required between leaves.

(1) Measure the height of the meeting stile.

(2) Remove the door from its hinges and using a router creat a 12mm deep x 16mm wide groove in the edge of the timber door. NB The seal is not suitable when centre latching is required.

(3) Cut the carrier, gasket and magnet to the length required, take care to neatly cut the profile with a power saw.

(4) Insert the 6002 into the groove (the aluminium trough section is toothed and splayed to lock into the groove - no fixing is required).

(5) Re-hang the door onto its hinges and ensure the seal is clean.

(6) Close the door and ensure the seal makes uniform contact withthe opposite door leaf. Repeat steps 1-5 to install the opposite seal.

NOTE Initial contact of seals may take several seconds, subsequent connections are immediate.


Ensure that the installation of this product does not impede the opening or closing of the door. It is recommended to check the adjustment of the door seal periodically to ensure the door assembly to which it is fitted, closes and latches properly

magnetic acoustic seal installed

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