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6001 acoustic magnetic seal install6001 acoustic magnetic seal install6001 acoustic magnetic seal install6001 acoustic magnetic seal install6001 acoustic magnetic seal install

FITTING INSTRUCTIONS for 6001 Magnetic Seals.

A refrigeration type vinyl magnetic strip in an anodised aluminium housing, which provides a very tight seal for steel clad doors and jambs. It can also be used with timber doors if a rebate is made on the door face to accept the optional self-adhesive 6011 magnetic keeper strip. The magnetic strip has sufficient closing strength that latches may not be required. It can also be used in pairs on meeting stiles of timber doors as well as sliding doors.

Note: As a meeting stile seal, 6001 is not recommended for highly active doors. It is best suited for infrequent use or door closer hold open applications.

Location: Broad butt hinged doors for head, jambs or stiles. Can be used at meeting stiles for sliding doors.

Min/Max Gap: 4mm to 8mm (meeting stiles).

Standard Finish: Aluminium.

Seal Material: Flexible PVC Charcoal.

Fixing Method: Zinc plated, cross recess head S.T. screws of the appropriate size are supplied.


Important: As magnetic seals can repel as well as attract and may require reversal for both seals to attract, check magnetic attraction of the seals before cutting to size and fixing.

(1) Measure door frame height/width and machine cut to suit.
NB. Machine cut mitred joints are recommended wherever possible. Before mitre cutting corner joints, ensure that seals will fix to jambs or door as specified.

(2) Although welded vinyl corner joints are ideal, lugs can be centre-punched to prevent vinyl magnetic seal from moving within the aluminium section.

(3) Lightly screw fix lengths to jamb/door using screws supplied (fixing holes are pre-drilled and slotted to allow seals to be accurately fitted and adjusted as required).

(4) Close door and adjust seal to ensure uniform seal around door, tighten fixing screws as required.


Ensure that the installation of this product does not impede the opening or closing of the door. It is recommended to check the adjustment of the door seal periodically to ensure the door assembly to which it is fitted, closes and latches properly

magnetic acoustic seal installed

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