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IS1212 (RP120) Acoustic Seal Installation Details

Location: Around door and window frames.

Min/Max Gap: 3mm/4mm

Fixing Method: Self adhesive

Note: Contact surface must be clean, smooth and if painted, well cured

Seal Material Rigid and flexible PVC with a self adhesive tape backing

During the installation process be careful to avoid removing and repositioning the seal as this may lessen the adhesive bond.
Before touch up paint is used, check that the seal is correctly positioned (Fig.1.) and the door or window opens and latches properly.
The door or window must be kept open until all paint is well cured. Soft or uncured paint will bind the door/wondow to the seal.


(1) Close the door or window. Check the clearance around the perimeter. The gap should not be less than 2.5mm. If required plane or sand the door or window stile edges so that the seal when fitted, allows for easy closing and latching.

(2) Ensure that the surface which the seal is to be adhered to is clean, smooth and if painted, well cured.

(3) Measure the door or window jamb perimeter to determine seal lengths required. (Fig.1.)

(4) Trim the seal to length with a pair of scissors or knife. (Determine mitre or butt joint first).

(5) Install the vertical jamb seal first. Peel off about 150mm of the self adhesive backing paper from one end of the seal to expose adhesive. Starting at the top corner of the jamb progressively remove backing paper and run a blunt tool or finger down the centre of the seal. Be sure to fix the seal evenly and firmly in place.

(6) Check door or window for correct closing and latching.

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