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We have UKAS endorsed third party ISO9001 Quality Management Accreditation for Acoustic Products and Consultancy Services
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acoustic consultancy members of BSI for current standards
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Custom Audio Designs Ltd is one of the UK's leading soundproofing and acoustic noise control specialists providing not only qualified acoustic consultancy but high quality, effective, noise control and soundproofing products and solutions for virtually any noise problem be it commercial sound insulation, domestic sound insulation, industrial sound insulation or environmental noise control.

From standard off-the-shelf materials to bespoke acoustic panels, OEM acoustic foam cut parts, anti-vibration isolators, acoustic doors, acoustic seals, acoustic diffusers, acoustic ceiling clouds, acoustic stage shells, soundproof flooring systems, soundproof wall systems, soundproof ceiling systems, environmental noise barriers, industrial machine enclosures and speciality products such as bass traps, foams and fabrics for recording studios.

We are Members of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA), British Standards Institute (BSI) and are certified for our Acoustic Services by a UKAS accredited third party quality assessor. Our Acoustic Consultants are IOA Qualified. Our Acoustic Reports are written in accordance with BS EN ISO 17025.

We really do understand Acoustics and Noise Control. Our Technical Team has a combined experience of over 30 years in the soundproofing and architectural acoustics industry and probably, for this reason, we are the company that others still ask for advice.

soundproofing noise control for architects specifiers

Architects / Specifiers / Interior Designers

Noise control acoustic solutions, materials, acoustic detailing.

office acoustics noise control solutions

Office Acoustics

Noisy office? Acoustic panels offer a softer office acoustic environment. Get better productivity and privacy.

acoustic consultancy sound testing

Acoustic Consultancy

Acoustic Consultancy, Part E sound testing, reverberation time testing, BB93, Part E.

acoustic panels for acoustically treating walls and ceilings

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic wall and ceiling panels for treating schools, offices, auditoriums etc.

school soundproofing noise control solutions

Acoustics for Education

Wall, floor ceiling soundproofing products including acoustic panels to reduce reverberation and meet BB93 school acoustic targets.

domestic soundproofing noise control solutions

Domestic Home Soundproofing

If you have a domestic soundproofing problem with noise from next door, noise from upstairs or noise from below and want an acoustic solution then look no further.

soundproofing noise control solutions for public buildings

Public Buildings

Soundproofing and architectural noise control solutions for law courts, council offices and any public building.

recording studio soundproofing noise control solutions

Recording Studio Sound Insulation

Soundproofing and acoustic noise control for home cinemas, studios, drum practice rooms etc.

hospital soundproofing noise control solutions

Hospital Sound Insulation and Acoustics

HTM 08-01 compliant soundproofing products for noise control applications.

soundproofing noise control solutions for vehicles

Noise control for vehicles

Acoustic absorbent foams and damping membranes to reduce road, cab and vehicle noise.

machinery soundproofing noise control solutions

Machinery Sound Insulation

Sound insulation and noise control for industrial machinery, acoustic enclosures, sound havens, acoustic foams and damping membranes.

industrial soundproofing noise control solutions

Industrial Soundproofing

Soundproofing products and acoustic solutions for noisy industrial environments.

soundproofing noise barriers

Soundproofing Environmental Noise Barriers

Soundproofing and environmental noise control solutions such as machines, chillers, roads, railways.

trade soundproofing noise control solutions

Sound Insulation for the Trade, Contractors and Distributors

Source our soundproofing and acoustic insulation products from most builders' merchants.

noise control and acoustics for village halls

Village and Community Hall Noise Control

Noise control and acoustics for village and community halls.

HVAC soundproofing noise control solutions

HVAC Sound Insulation

Sound insulation noise control for HVAC systems.

acoustic panels soundproofing for leisure

Hotels/Restaurant Acoustics

Acoustics and noise control for restaurants and hotels.

noise control soundproofing for gyms sportshalls

Gym/Sports Hall Acoustics

Noise control and acoustics for gyms and sports halls.


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